You & I - 2 days to go

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#3DaysToGo - You & I

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#i love how he talks and stands and just exists (x)



Harry & Louis in the “You & I” promos (x)~(x)

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this is the cutest gif of luke. ever.

forever reblog. look at him. just look.

squishy, cuddly, giggly luke is squishy

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"you and i is a love song. it’s kind of like, a little more grown up for us. personally i think this is one of our best songs"

Zayn and Louis with fans today in London (15.04.2014)

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1 day ago on 04/16/14 at 10:24am
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Anonymous asked: After seeing Lou's tweet about the Oops jumper, it definitely sounds like they will be selling it on the tour. I'm still glad he wore it, but does it still make you feel like it was the bold move that we thought it was at the time?


Idk. I’m leaning more toward it being a charity thing honestly. But yea I do still think it was a pretty bold move. It’s pretty bold that he chose to even get that design on a shirt at all! Of all the tattoos, he picked that one for a shirt design. He could’ve picked the little stick figure guy. Or the cup of tea. Or any of his other innocent tattoos. But no. He went with OOPS. The supposed mistake. He knows what people think about it. And I’m not going to get into the “they aren’t aware of everything we think11!!!!” arguments because he literally just tweeted an account about it. He’s aware. 



shut up mom! my acapella dubstep group WILL take off and you’ll be sorry for ever calling it stupid!

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